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Tiny Heroes

© 2017 Ragged Boot Records

50% of DOWNLOAD sales will go to the 16+ Activity Agreement programme at Cupar Youth Cafe in our home region of Fife helping the most vulnerable of young people gain the confidence, skills and resilience needed to achieve their own goals and aspirations. The intention behind this song is to send a message to adults to be more considerate and encouraging towards the dreams and aspirations of children and young people. The 'Tiny Heroes' in the song are the children and young people themselves who are better able to hold onto the sense of possibility and magic that little bit longer. Released December 15th, 2017.

Produced by Alan Ramsay & The Coaltown Daisies
Recorded at YMusic Studios

Illustrated by Jape

Vivienne Bern: Vocals / Guitar / Percussion / Programming
Lynzy Moutter: Backing Vocals / Ukulele / Percussion / Programming

Tiny Heroes

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