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This Old House

1. Introduction
2. Slowly In Circles

3. Little Bird

4. Yellow In White

5. In Your Wake (I Call)

6. If I Was The Winter

7. Life In Motion

8. Red & Green

9. Hands

10. It's Better This Way

11. This Old House

© 2015 Ragged Boot Records

We are proud to bring you our debut album featuring full studio versions of some of our most heartfelt and meaningful songs. We are delighted to let you hear them as they have been brought to life from a new perspective featuring carefully refined vocal, percussive and orchestral arrangements. We hope you enjoy what you hear! Released November 6th, 2015.

Produced by Alan Ramsay & The Coaltown Daisies
Recorded at YMusic Studios
Illustrated by Matylda Konecka

Vivienne Bern: Vocals / Guitar / Percussion / Sound Effects
Lynzy Moutter: Vocals / Guitar / Guitalele / Percussion / Sound Effects

Scott Burrell: Drums
Cat Calton: Violin
Ruth Campbell: Cello
Graham Dickson: Bass / Double Bass
Kim Edgar: Piano
Sandy Tweeddale: Electric Guitar / Dobro

This Old House

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