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Nominated for UK Album of the Year by the British Country Music Association.

© 2020 Ragged Boot Records



Inspired by the spectrum of mental health, this album is one we are so incredibly proud of and it is, most definitely, the album we have always sought to create. The album settles into an exploration of the different sides of americana through a carefully curated collection of tangible lyrics and exciting musicality. This is definitely something we'd love for you to hear!

Written by The Coaltown Daisies
Produced by David Macfarlane & The Coaltown Daisies
Mastered by Chris Waite
Illustrated by Graham Bradshaw
Printed by Breed Media

Vivienne Bern: Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Slide Guitar / Percussion
Lynzy Moutter: Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar / Percussion
Ross Ainslie: Bansuri / Low Whistle
Scott Burrell: Drums
Roberto Cassani: Double Bass
Rebecca Connelly: Piano
David Easson: Washboard
David Macfarlane: Bass Guitar / Electric Guitar / Fiddle
Garry McFadden: Banjo
Stuart Nisbet: Dobro / Pedal Steel
Laura-Beth Salter: Mandolin
Chris Small: Harmonica


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