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A Whisky For The Road

1. The Whisky Song

2. Fall On Your Sword

3. Charlie Is My Darling (Live)


© 2016 Ragged Boot Records

Inspired by our 'A Whisky For The Road' tour, we decided to put together an EP in as fun and loose a manner that we could; we had such a great time when we were away that we wanted our listeners to share that energy as much as possible! We managed to get some very talented musicians on board and they have really captured the atmosphere we wanted to create! Released December 23rd, 2016.

Produced by Alan Ramsay & The Coaltown Daisies
Recorded at YMusic Studios
Illustrated by Lynzy Moutter

Vivienne Bern: Vocals / Guitar
Lynzy Moutter: Vocals / Guitar / Percussion

The Dram Collective: Backing Vocals

Scott Burrell: Drums
Gordon Maclean: Double Bass
Elsa Jean McTaggart: Fiddle
Louise Moncur: Concertina
Chris Woods: Mandolin

A Whisky For The Road

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