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The Studio

Well. What else would we do in a lockdown? Being stuck in our house for the best part of a year was definitely not on the cards after releasing the best thing we have ever made, however, rather than whinge, we turned, as always, to our creativity! During that notorious novelty phase of lockdown . . . you know, the one that involved drinking copious amounts of gin in the garden, which we also did, we discussed creating a space that we could dedicate to all things music-related . . . after all, it appeared we were in need of a broadcasting studio as well! Ho-hum. So, after months of graft, we launched our studio on the 2nd of April of this year with an exclusive online party shared with those who have signed up for our website membership and some fantastic musical guests from across the country; it was an absolute belter of an evening that ended up going on into the wee hours. Needless to say, there was beer and whisky and our studio was properly sworn in. We're pretty sure we'll do it again because it was so much fun! A wee bit of extra information though . . . we also had an unofficial unveiling of the studio on the 26th of March when we were featured on BBC Scotland on The Nine! Thank goodness we managed to get it finished for then! Hahahaha! Anyhoo . . . after having documented the whole studio journey in our forum, we then packed a lot of content into the online party for our members. We had performances on the night from Rebecca Connelly and Tom Cary, who were just fantastic. We also put together some visual content too and everybody was privy to watching two videos on the night; we played this video Vivienne put together for us at the end of the evening and our main man, Smudge, makes an appearance! The instrumental track you can hear in the background is Battle Hounds.

Lynzy put this one together and the instrumental track you can hear in this one is Tears.

We didn't stop there! We also shared the intimate details about everything that can be found in our studio through three full kit lists; our members had started to ask about the various items we had featured in our studio, so much so, the conversation went as far as the point of discussing the software and hardware we chose for broadcasting and recording to where we bought the spray paint we used for the cupboard door! That being said, we thought it would definitely be a good idea to make a few shopping lists for those who wanted to build a studio . . . maybe one just like ours!

We are very excited about our new space and proud of the work we put in; we're also thankful to those who were able to help too! We are most looking forward to using it to record our annual members' single as well as to get back on track with The Wee Music Club! The possibilities are endless now!


We really hope you enjoyed reading this blog; if you did, do feel free to share it with other music-loving people you know. Thank you very much for your continued love, patience and support. Take care for now and we'll hopefully see you soon!

Lynzy & Vivienne The Coaltown Daisies

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The Daisy Chain What's going on in the banterful world of our membership community? We are starting to announce live shows to our members who get to hear about it before anybody else. We are also planning our next online party so we can all have a virtual shindig!



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Very impressive workmanship!! Looks great and must feel brilliant doing it yourselves!! Well done ladies. Xx

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