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Cutting Through The Newsfeed

We don't want to bore you by spending all of our time illustrating the finer details of Facebook's algorithms, however, we feel we have to draw attention to it because not only is it is our most successful social media platform . . . it is where we individually engage with our followers who like to be kept updated about what we are doing, when and where. These algorithms have significantly changed and we feel we must let you know as not only will it affect your engagement with our Facebook page, it will be the same for any other enjoyable and useful pages you follow. We are very much aware of the 'noise' of information that exists on the internet and specifically on social media platforms; we don't want to simply create more meaningless content to compete with all of that information, however, we do want to make sure those who like to hear from us are continuing to see the posts we put out for them. For those of you who do have a genuine interest in our social media updates we are providing a little bit of sound advice so you can keep seeing them; Facebook are actually making sure that you don't see them at all. They have returned to the model they started with and are in favour of the profile rather than the page. This means you will automatically see newsfeed updates from your friends however not from the pages you like and follow . . . unless you change one little thing.

Simply follow these instructions below to continue to receive our updates!

  • Visit our Facebook page.

  • Hit the 'Follow' button under our cover photo.

  • Change your notification setting to 'See First'.

  • Continue to enjoy news about our exciting projects and adventures!

Thanks again for reading; we are so grateful to have you hear keeping in touch with our blog! Our next blog post actually has some brilliant news in it with regards to our crowdfunding campaign so keep your eyes peeled!

Lynzy & Vivienne The Coaltown Daisies

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