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Merry Christmas

Hello everybody! We hope you are all doing ok in the lead up to Christmas and staying safe out there; this time of year is already pretty intense, however, with some extra perseverance and, of course, our face masks, we will get there. Keep a firm grasp of your kindness for those who may be having a difficult time; don't let anybody take it away from you! As wonderful as the festive season is, it can, sadly, be very stressful for some people; it's also not always obvious as to who they are. Working together can yield great results; let's all make kindness the only approach. If you do want to go the extra mile, please consider a food donation . . . nobody should be going hungry. Two food charities we can recommend are The Trussel Trust and Social Bite.


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It may seem like we haven't been up to much this year . . . that's true to some degree. We did schedule a break, even before COVID-19 hit. The arts industry, though, was faced with such adversity, so we did have to adapt to the situation in order to keep things going; it wasn't ideal, however, good ideas don't often come from the world around us staying the same. We have enjoyed not only learning how to live stream, however, paying attention to the finer details of it; streaming platforms, mixer routers, camera angles and of course . . . the all-important microphone (to name a few). We even launched our own brand new membership community that you can find more about at the bottom of this page. It's been fun and we are really grateful you were there cheering us along the whole time!


We have a new online place where we will be posting photos we have taken on our travels and song lyric quotes. We are trialling this; it may be something we keep . . . it may not be, however, it's already much less stressful than Instagram! You can find that if you visit here. The ultimate goal is to have one social media platform that also includes those that don't wish to have a social media account to view content; if we get to 1000 followers on YouTube, we will be able to utilise additional features not open to us now to achieve that. If you have a moment when you are next at YouTube to 'subscribe' to our channel, we would hugely appreciate it!


Music aside, we know to an extent how challenging this year has been for people. We are so humbled that you have managed to find any capacity at all amidst everything to be able to show such support towards us; we really do have a loyal community and we are grateful for that every day. We also hope you enjoyed reading this blog; if you did, do feel free to share it with other music-loving people you know. Thank you very much for your continued love and support; however you spend the festive season, we hope it will be a happy, healthy one. Take care for now!

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The Daisy Chain What's going on in the banterful world of our membership community? We've added priority access information in the Backstage and Events threads, we've gifted members with two throwback solo tracks and both Karen Milne and Steven Taylor have earned their 'Roadie' badges. Woohoo!




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