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What's that 'pucking' noise?

Being that Vivienne returned last night from a rather fantastic Fife Flyers game at the Fife Ice Arena, we felt it would be good to touch on our little link with the hockey world. Lets start with a huge well done to our home team for smashing 5-1 past Braehead Clan last night; Vivienne has reported a rather electric atmosphere and that she has now become a lucky mascot to our Flyers fanning friends! So, more about hockey pucks although there will be absolutely no face-off happening with this little belter. I would like to tell you all about the stompbox that features in our live set up; it is the most unassuming however the most powerful (in our opinion) and is incredibly cheap for its output. Behold . . . the Puck 'N Stompa!

Yes . . . it is a HOCKEY PUCK! Available in 1/4 inch jack and XLR models, this stompbox has absolutely transformed our live sound and is making many a sound engineer in Scotland very happy. I had used different stompboxes previously to try and add that added layer of 'beef' to our live performance however, I found that the models we were using were too tinny and still rather thin-sounding after having the EQ adjusted as best as possible to exploit the natural bass sound of the instrument. I wanted something well-rounded, warm and thumpy like a kick drum and after scouring the internet I decided to head to Australia; we had heard that some of the best stompboxes come from there due to the kinds of wood that are available (stompboxes have been predominantly wooden until now). When I found this I wanted to see what all the fuss was about!

I feel I have achieved enlightenment with this pedalboard set up for my live performance acoustic guitar; there was no way either I was going to resort to one of those electronic stompboxes as acoustic is by far the best and I faffed about for ages with this as I was buying and sending back various pedals. It turns out that the simple approach to the pedalboard is always best and that the lovely little hockey puck fits perfectly on the end of mine! Needless to say this has made set up and clear away far easier being that everything I require for my feet is all in one place! I always had the 'where is my stompbox' fear prior to a gig because, quite simply, without it . . . it is aaaaaaaaaaall kinds of wrong!

Since performing with the Puck 'N Stompa we have received wonderful comments about our overall sound and there have been more than a few people interested by what exactly is making all the 'pucking' noise! It has been a joy to show people this tiny little item! This neat instrument has been launched into the world by Australian artist and sound expert, Peter Sesselmann via his company, Peterman. He has a whole line of handmade products that include stompboxes, pick ups and microphones and as far as we are concerned, he does not disappoint! So . . . a huge well done to Peter Sesselmann and an even bigger well done to the Fife Flyers on their win over Braehead; hopefully both continue to deliver their smashing pucks! BUY THIS PRODUCT HERE! See you all soon!

Lynzy & Vivienne The Coaltown Daisies

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