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FEATURE: DIVA Music Festival

Professional. It is just great to find a music festival that is professional and this one made damn sure it was. From the moment we arrived we were taken on this wonderful musical ride with some of the friendliest people we have ever spent time with; it was just brilliant! First of all, we would like to give a huge shout out to Heather Peace and Linda Riley for daring to put on a festival; what an absolutely monumental task and for their first time they did an absolutely tremendous job. Everything about it was meticulously thought out and this shone through in the delighted faces of the staff, artists and visitors who were there over the course of the weekend. Thank you so much for inviting us to perform; you won't keep us away from the next one, that's for sure! It was also proper lovely to bump into the lovely Jim Cumming who is a tour de force at any festival; we are absolutely sure he was just as responsible for the smooth running of everything. Last time we bumped into him was when we were on a tour stop on the Isle of Jura; he magically appeared from the cooperage, took us on a mystery tour and then we wondered if we actually really had seen him! What a cool guy! Secondly, we would like to thank everybody who supported us and our music this weekend; we met so many interesting people and are delighted that a number of them wanted to take a piece of our music home with them. Both of our gigs were heaving busy and everybody in the audience was appreciative and totally on form; well done to the winner of our t-shirt competition whose dancing eclipsed everybody else's. It was great spending time with you all and we definitely hope to see you again next year! We would like to give a huge shout out to the Artist Liaison with the mostest, Melissa Harrison. She was the first person we met and the most caring and considerate of humans; there wasn't a moment where she wasn't on hand to help and she clearly took her role at the festival seriously. Not only that, we actually managed to spend some time hanging out having a good ol' chat with her too. This totally elevated our overall experience and we think everybody who does this job at a festival should be more Mel (who is pictured below). We also learned that she is an accomplished pianist too . . . we think you should check out her work here!

We bumped into a lovely musician we met at a previous event in Manchester and this time she showed up with a band of cool people in tow; one thing led to another and it turned to mental. Everybody . . . meet Fuzzy Jones and the Sisterhood! We will definitely be making sure these guys come up to Scotland to perform some shows in future; proper loved hanging out with them all! There is a photo-bomber in the picture below (behind me) that we should definitely acknowledge; ha ha ha!

Bumping into gal pals doesn't stop there! The lovely Lorna Thomas has recently joined Horse's line up with her epic bass playing; couldn't resist getting this stoater of a photo from their V Arena performance. Also . . . that bass! She was also kind enough to leave us a wee note on our car, which held onto the windscreen wiper for a good portion of our trip before I remembered she had told me she'd put it there! Thanks pal and hope your journey home was a goodun'!

Saturday night was topped off with a stellar performance from fellow Fifer, KT Tunstall. Armed with her new band of females she played a belter of a set list to a hyped up room full of fans. Her banter was on form as always and this time, there was a different and some what more magnetic energy to her performance. A perfect headliner for a perfect festival with some brilliant new tunes to boot!

We couldn't stay for the third day of the festival, which was a bit of a bummer; the long drive North ensued, however, it was absolutely worth travelling all of that distance. All in all, this was a brilliant weekend. Thanks again DIVA Music Festival for having us and roll on next year!

Lynzy & Vivienne The Coaltown Daisies

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