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Read more about our acclaimed americana release.
UK Album of the Year
UK Song of the Year

British Country Music Association
"A very well-balanced record; very well-written and recorded . . . a great deal of thought has gone into the whole package."
Country Music People Magazine
"It comes with absolutely no fillers; given the chance this record could fly off the shelves."
W21 Music
The Coaltown Daisies released their second studio album on Friday the 21st of February of 2020 at their sold-out album launch at the Kings Live Lounge in Kirkcaldy. The album explores the wide spectrum of the americana genre and the tracks have been intentionally arranged to draw attention to the album's core theme of mental health. The songs cover a wide spectrum of personal experiences and observations and are packed full of incredibly well-executed vocals and instrumentation as well as featuring an absolutely stellar line up of some of Scotland's most revered musicians. Raising their own bar in songwriting, arrangement, collaboration and performance The Coaltown Daisies have certainly proved they can withstand the test of time and that they will continue to blaze their own trail.
Ross Ainslie (Bansuri, Low Whistle), Vivienne Bern (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Percussion), Scott Burrell (Drums), Roberto Cassani (Double Bass), Rebecca Connelly (Piano), David Easson (Washboard), David Macfarlane (Bass, Fiddle, Electric Guitar), Garry McFadden (Banjo), Lynzy Moutter (Vocals, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Percussion), Stuart Nisbet (Dobro, Pedal Steel), Laura-Beth Salter (Mandolin), Chris Small (Harmonica).
Listen is available in digital, compact disc and vinyl formats from The Coaltown Daisies official website, Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon and will also be sold at all future performances and showcases.
"Within the first few seconds of listening to this album we were smiling from ear to ear realising pretty quickly that their latest americana-style album has managed to capture the true energy and vibe of the dynamic duo that is The Coaltown Daisies! We've seen them play many times and the heart-warming rollercoaster of their live show is a joy to behold. It's a real pleasure to hear each of the killer tracks on this album brought to life with such tasteful instrumentation, arrangements and production exhibiting incredible song sensitivity; every note, drum beat, tempo change, key change and solo there to serve and perfectly enhance the songs. Vivienne and Lynzy's songwriting skills have gone from strength to strength; as well as being highly accomplished vocalists who are masters of the art of interweaving harmonies, they're both individually capable of writing an array of quality tunes that utilise those talents to great effect. From foot-stomping americana-style classics like 'Hangman' and 'I Went Down', hook-laden radio-friendly songs like 'Little Jane' and 'Tears' to gentler more personal, sensitive ballads like 'Battle Hounds' and 'The Unravelling' this album is a wonderful journey packed from beginning to end with truly memorable tracks. As the saying goes it's "all killer, no filler" and we highly recommend you do as the title suggests and give it a 'Listen'!"
Andrew & Natasha Spiller | Hypercoaster Music
"A new name to #TEAMw21, but about to release their second album are The Coaltown Daisies; an acoustic duo who promise dynamic folk, soul and americana music and with this album, eighteen months in the making distilled into ten tracks, they have well and truly delivered. It is a record that invokes the likes of Gillian Welch and Steve Earle and is a delight from start to finish. With testimonies from the likes of Glenn Tilbrook and Boo Hewerdine this was always going to be an album that was potentially going to have a lot to offer. A collection of tunes that are, frankly, inescapable and impossible to dislike married to beautiful harmonies and lyrics that, at times, will give you pause to stop and think. It comes with absolutely no fillers; given the chance this record could fly off the shelves. So go and 'Listen'.
Chris Farlie | W21 Music
"The second album is supposed to be the 'difficult' one to crack. Clearly no-one told The Coaltown Daisies. Their follow up to 'This Old House' is simply fabulous. The curation of a band lifts their music to a new level altogether. The countless hours in the studio have delivered an album of the highest quality. The musicianship shines through in every detail. Opening track 'This Road' and '52 Reasons, the first single from it, both burst into life with a beat that is impossible to resist. They also set the tone for the entire album which is soaked in glorious harmonies draped over wonderful arrangements. 'Hangman' captures the entire spirit of the album with its sorating a capella opening and straight into what almost feels like the most joyful jam session ever recorded whilst 'Little Jane' simply sparkles with vitality. Country, bluegrass, americana . . . this fits perfectly whatever label you wish to apply. Stick it on your turntable and smile, and dance, with joy!"
Allan Crow | Editor | Fife Free Press
"I've been looking forward to this record and I wasn't disappointed. It's a tapestry of beautiful sounds and musicianship! There's a raw energy and warmth to the recording that makes you feel like you are in the room with The Coaltown Daisies.
You can tell from the record they are awesome live!
Heather Peace | Founder & Artistic Director | HearHer Festival
"The Coaltown Daisies' latest album is jam-packed with ten sparkling jewels of songs, each one with its very own narrative. There is a sound for whatever your mood from reflective to introspective and hopeful with enough soul to leave you feeling both nourished and opened up to the world in equal measures. The album matches their soulful americana notes with new world folk and undertones of jazz. You'll be moved as you follow the journey through the emotional layers of each song and, as ever with 'The Daisies', you'll find it impossible not to find your toe tapping along to the enchanting sounds of their voices. The album comprises the whole spectrum of musical instruments that has become so characteristic of their sound whilst showcasing the quality writing we all have come to expect from this Fife duo. This album is definitely one for the collection and a folkish treat that will carry you happily through 2020!"
David Ravel | Ambassador | HearHer Festival
The Coaltown Daisies as you’ve never heard them before! 'Listen' transports you somewhere extraordinary. Lynzy Moutter and Vivienne Bern (along with their fantastically handpicked array of guest artists) will keep you company; so grab yourself a dram, place the needle on the vinyl and let them tell you their soul-searching stories through their very own spectrum of americana . . . with a sprinkle of folk. Moutter and Bern’s intricate harmonies are to die for! They have clearly worked tirelessly on Listen. Their song-writing, musicality and production talents shine through like the sun splitting the clouds. Battle Hounds’ vocal hook catches you in an instant; you’ll be singing along before you know it, even after the lights go out! 52 Reasons, with its cinematic introduction, wouldn’t surprise me if it is featured on a film soundtrack very, very soon. 'Listen' will leave 'Footprints (In The Sand)' for a lifetime!
Fiona McNeill | Celtic & Folk Fusions | Celtic Music Radio
"In the past I’ve found it difficult to pinpoint a style and genre to describe The Coaltown Daisies; not so with this album. It is firmly in the Americana style and believe me, deserves all the praise you can heap on it. Great singing, brilliant musicianship and superb arrangements mark this album. Beautiful clear voices and clear diction along with quality harmonies showcase their music beautifully. It’s as professional an album as I’ve heard. I’ve heard hundreds of American touring musicians but I’m wondering after hearing this superb album if 'The Daisies' will be taking their music to the USA? It would only be fair to return their favour. This album is a superlative example of the TransAtlantic exchange. Original material defines this album and it is quality writing with thought-provoking lyrics with sympathetic melodies. What’s not to love?"
Fiona Forbes | Kirkcaldy Acoustic Music Club
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