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Those of you who know us know how much good food makes our world go round; we like homegrown and homemade quality gnosh and it is time we added a bit of restaurant reviewing to our website . . . for the banter and hopefully to inspire your next culinary adventure! Behold The WeeCOOK Kitchen which is situated by the sea overlooking a lovely golf course in Monifieth. We stumbled upon this dynamite restaurant because we ended up sitting at a table at a wedding and talking about food; we would both like to thank our friends Sarah and Lorraine for organising the seating plan so effectively! We promised we would visit . . . so we did! We fell in love not after our meal (which was absolutely lush in every way) however after being gifted one of Hayley's mega famous pies; we certainly needed it after a trying festival experience the same day and it was a perfect little parcel to open on our way back to Fife. Since then, we have never stopped annoying her. We even managed to barge down the door and organise a music event with Hayley, which is tomorrow night and is completely sold out! We are pretty sure it is her awesome food that has won the hearts of the ticket holders; we will be treated to a sausage-inspired feast with a Oktoberfest twist being that the event is a preamble to the Angus Brewfest, which falls the next day. Hayley did succumb to the cyberbullying we put her through and has organised for mini-pies to be available to the audience towards the end of the night; this is to combat the effects of drinking too many pitchers of beer of course because they are on offer with the ticket price too! Woo hoo! We will be taking our exceptionally talented pal, George Brown, along with us; he will start the evening off with the support set after the guests have been piped in. We cannot wait to hear his set because the last time we heard him, it was 'pin-drop' silent. After George . . . out comes the food and then we will finish the evening off with a mega set and some raucousness! He he he! One thing we must congratulate Hayley on is the fact she is being shipped off to the BBC Good Food Show with those mega pies; what an achievement and another reason you should pay a visit to her restaurant as soon as you can. The Hanger Kebabs are another feature on her menu as well as her burgers; she told us the secret to their amazing taste . . . absolutely mind-blowing burgers! If you do go, make sure to get a side of halloumi as it is quite possibly the best fried halloumi on the planet. Anyhow . . . BRING ON TOMORROW! Really looking forward to those bolognese and cheddar pies that have been put aside for us too! YES! YEEEEEEEEEES!

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Lynzy & Vivienne The Coaltown Daisies

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