We BEEB your help!

This is Ricky Ross. He's from Deacon Blue and he has a brilliant radio show that celebrates the country music genre. The big news is that he recently announced that he will be doing an 'all requests' evening on his show 'Another Country' to try and support musicians whose careers have been affected by lockdown restrictions and to provide a hopeful playlist of original music to his dedicated audience. This is happening NEXT TUESDAY! The major thing here is that it also happens to be the closest shot for our original music to be featured on this show after many, many years of trying; they don't make it easy, even for those of us who have very active and established music careers, and we believe this is the glimmer of hope we have been waiting for. We rarely ask anything of anybody as we pride ourselves on being self-sufficient, however, the reason we are telling you all of this is because we will, most definitely, need your help now if this is ever going to happen.

We have been grafting non-stop for ten years and the result of all of that is our recent new album, Listen. It has been highly acclaimed since its release, has been reviewed by some heavyweights and continues to gain momentum. The album is centred firmly around the americana, country, folk and bluegrass genres and features the best work we have ever created with the best musicians we have ever worked with. The album's core theme is mental health and each of the songs, be it due to instrumentation or lyrics, are both moving and hopeful. We believe in it, so many other people believe in it and we really want the BBC to believe in it too by playing one of the tracks on Ricky's show; the one we have selected for this is our country and pop crossover, 'Battle Hounds'. The song itself is an uplifting contemporary track about hope in a situation of adversity; it can be directly applied to the reality we currently live in having been confronted by not only a terrible virus, however, the decision about who, what and how we want to be in the future. The strong message in the song is that "we can make it out of here" . . . the more people who can hear it now, the better!

We have included Ricky's Facebook post below with all of the details of what to do; if you tap / click on it, you will be taken straight to his Facebook page. We know how frustrating social media can be, especially at a time like this, which is why if you are keen to support us in this we want to make it as easy as possible for you by directing you to the right places and preparing you with the right information. Even though you can add a comment on his Facebook page or send him a simple email, Ricky's preference is for you to email a recording of yourself speaking (in audio format only as this emails much better) with your request for 'Battle Hounds' and why you think it should be played durimg this current difficult time we are facing. We would appreciate, too, anybody letting him know that this song is a great example of a contemporary and modern country music track from Scottish musicians and that the album it is from is raising awareness about the spectrum of mental health. ANYTHING . . . SAY ANYTHING POSITIVE! Please make sure to include our song in the email too so Ricky can hear it; we have provided the Spotify song link for you to copy and paste into your email!

COPY: https://open.spotify.com/track/19dfs7ZZeI27Dw6qBBq7qO?si=d-PJMpeoSwyCnBYKK-EoHA

So, a quick recap on what you can do to help with a wee audio example to listen to also!

1: Record yourself talking (30 seconds max in audio).

2: Tell Ricky why 'Battle Hounds' should be played on his show.

3: Put your recording and our Spotify song link in your email.

4: Send the email to: rickyross@bbc.co.uk

5: Cross your fingers that he chooses it!

EXAMPLE: Click here to hear Evelyn Stewart's audio clip!

Thank you so much for reading; this would mean the absolute world to us after everything we have put into our music and our career thus far . . . it's everything at the moment. If you have any questions about anything at all, please contact us right away!

Take care, be safe and remember to wash those hands!

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