Vinyl . . . it's happening!

Something we have not delved into for our own music before is vinyl. We think, 'enough is enough' where that is concerned so we are abundantly GOING FOR IT! Being that the album we are hopefully going to be able to make (if we reach our Pledgemusic campaign target) is going to be a feature length one, we felt that vinyl would be absolutely perfect for it! There are now two new rewards to our crowdfunding campaign; here's some information! Test Pressings These are the first presses of the album in its entirety on vinyl format. They will include the catalogue number, artist and recording time or date; they are basically the very first vinyl discs ever made at the factory. They come as they are and are incredibly rare items therefore absolutely ideal for the vinyl enthusiast, music lover and collector. Vinyl Album These are full blown 12 inch vinyl discs that have been signed by us, wrapped in originally and beautifully designed gatefold sleeves and that are inclusive of lyric sheets, all four original album postcards by Jape and an exclusive poster. We are so excited about offering this as a reward in our campaign and also generally having one of our albums on vinyl! It's so exciting! So . . . if you would like to get yourself or somebody special one of these items, click the big button below! We still have lots of other awesome rewards for sale too so there may even be something else there that grabs your fancy for yourself or as a gift for somebody! Thanks again for reading folks and see you soon!

Lynzy & Vivienne The Coaltown Daisies

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