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We have just returned from some down time in New York, although, we were on the go the entire time we were away as we had a week to get round a rather colossal city; we think we annihilated it though and New York is truly an amazing place filled with so much fun. Obviously, we were most interested in the food being that the long history of immigration has led to there being a phenomenal amount of global culinary delights; we did, however, manage to reach some of the 'hotspots' that the city has to offer and you can see what we got up to in the pictures below!

As far as the next gigs go, we are pretty excited about the next one, which is an intimate village hall performance we have coming up on Saturday in Portmahomack; the area is to be absolutely beautiful and having never visited this far North with our music before, we can't wait! This is one of those gigs that came about bumping into somebody here who knew a person there and it has blossomed into something wonderful!


We have had a little time away from this project purely to take a breather after an intense period of time in the studio; we are now looking forward to getting on with phase two of the album, which will begin with a meeting with the amazing Scott Burrell this weekend; his drumming is exceptional and we are so excited to be working with him again! Next up after that . . . the bass! If you would like to receive updates about and be a part of the making of this album you can make a pledge here; you will be able to access all previous updates that include audio, video and picture material that is only being made exclusively available to those who support our project. In joining our community of pledgers you would also be helping to raise funds for the Scottish Society for Mental Health.


6th: Carnegie Hall | Tain | There are still tickets available directly from the venue. 12th: Pledgemusic: House Concert | Glenrothes | This is a closed and private event. 13th: The Workhouse | Forfar | This is a free event. 20th: Pledgemusic: House Concert | Kirkcaldy | This is a closed and private event. NOVEMBER 2nd: Perthshire Amber Music Festival | Dunkeld | This event is SOLD OUT.

3rd: Perthshire Amber Music Festival | Dunkeld | Session venue yet to be confirmed.

4th: Perthshire Amber Music Festival | Dunkeld | This event is SOLD OUT. 9th: The Corner House | Tarbert | This is a free event.


Before we go, we would like to share three things from the past month of our lives that we have found to be useful; you might also be able to find value in them in some way! FIFE CLUB. Brilliant podcast from Fife; check out this episode! DHOOM. A fantastic and original street food venue opening soon in Dunfermline. BOWFEST. We cannot shout about this festival enough; it is amazing.

Lynzy & Vivienne The Coaltown Daisies

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