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Live streaming. What we are all becoming accustomed to as we all tune in, sometimes every day, to enjoy it; not quite the same as being at a real gig . . . is it?! There is something about it though, for us, that has allowed us to reengage our brains into learning something new and that in itself has been a whole lot of fun. In a time that is so uncertain for our music, especially with having just released a brand new album, it has shown us just how many of you there are out there supporting us and our music. It has been so humbling and really has helped us get through the tougher weeks of this unprecedented crisis. Obviously, the constant reminders about why we are doing this and having to advertise about our donation link does make us a little uncomfortable; we never expect a thing and have always lived and worked by that. Although we are doing this now to try and recoup some of the monumental financial loss we, and many other creatives, are experiencing as a result of all of this . . . that attitude remains the same. We are, however, so incredibly grateful to those of you who do choose to support us this way even though it is a tad unconventional. It has been so amazing to see people getting behind us to support people in our local communities too; that is hugely appreciated. We really do miss seeing you all and being and singing together in the same room, however, you tuning into our live streams have helped distract us from that and keep things going. We hope we have managed to do the same for all of you! There has been a major positive amongst the situation in finding new ways of doing things going forward. We are already thinking that it would be great to make a dedicated space where we can continue working on live broadcasts in future amongst continuing to create and perform music and we're also figuring out how we can make best and most effective use of our time this year. Perhaps, after ten years of constant graft, we have been forced into a period of rest and reflection; maybe it is the same for some of you? We will certainly update you with any new and exciting plans we have and make sure you can get involved. Focussing on our website content is definitely the first rung on the lockdown ladder and we do have some really cool ideas! It's a work in progress for sure. More to the point, hard as it may be for some of us musically, it is absolutely nothing compared to those who are on the frontline delivering medical attention and care to the unwell and most vulnerable people in our society and to everybody else out there in shops, taxis and in education and community development who are keeping things going. Always take a moment, and not just at 8.00pm on a Thursday evening, to think about their efforts and sacrifices; thank you. COVID-19 has created room for all of us to figure out if we are happy with the way things are or if it is time to make those changes we have, perhaps, already thought about yet cast to the back of our minds. It's a good thing and what we do now will shape what's to come, who we want to be and the kind of world we want to live in. One example of something we have been doing is re-evaluating the items we have in our house and how we could better use the space we have; "what do we really need", "could somebody else benefit from this" and "can we really get through all of those bottles in the drinks cupboard" are all questions we have asked. We are currently finishing a bottle of rum! So . . . what about you? Lynzy & Vivienne The Coaltown Daisies

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