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We are pinging out a short blog as we have been asked questions here or there about how we are live streaming from home; we thought it might be useful for us to provide a breakdown of our equipment. There appears to be immense pressure, especially at the moment, to put out the best and highest quality live streams; whilst this is a great goal to have and work towards, it isn't immediately necessary to provide entertainment to your followers online. After all, they are keen to see you as they never have before; being 'rustic' can sometimes add to the whole thing! Live streaming doesn't have to be stressful (trying telling us that when Facebook goes down and the computer stops working) or expensive; chances are you will have what you need already to be able to get up and running. A camera that can stream at 1080 resolution is a bonus, however, most computer, laptop and phone cameras having something that would be ample enough. Your live stream will only be as good as the actual content of the stream itself; this means all of the stuff that happens before you set up your equipment and the camera goes live. If you have seen any of our live streams, you will wonder how we are remotely in a position to be giving advice on any of this being our broadcasts are an absolute ramshackle (hahahaha), however, we do know how to build and think about good content for our stream (actually applying that when we're broadcasting often ends up a different story, especially when there's alcohol involved). We do try to think about 'the shot' and the positioning of equipment and items within that . . . we haven't quite nailed this yet, however, it is fun experimenting each week. We are still new to this too and we'll get there eventually . . . it is really fun practising and learning, though, and you guys could do the same. You're not alone. So . . . onto the equipment and software! Macbook Pro Red 5 Audio RV8 Condenser Microphone Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface

Beats Solo 2 Headphones GoPro Hero 4 Camlink 4k

Hercules MS432B OBS (Open Broadcast Software) One of the most important aspects of being able to effectively stream live is having really decent broadband speed and in particular, a great upload speed. To guarantee better transmission, plugging an ethernet cable from your broadband hub directly into your computer would be helpful; we currently use wifi for the moment as we have a great connection. Here is a picture below of what our setup looks like!

Into your computer or laptop you will plug in your audio interface using a USB cable; your microphone should be plugged into that via an XLR cable. Please be aware that if you are plugging your microphone into the left or the right input on your interface (if it has two inputs on it), you will need to change the microphone settings to mono in OBS to ensure the doesn't come out of only one speaker or side of the listener's headphones. From your computer or laptop you will then have the Camlink going from a USB port directly into your camera via an HDMI cable. Your microphone and video capture device are not plugged into each other. If you would like to know more about any of the more detailed aspects of setting this up like how to setup your audio and video capture devices or delve into OBS, please scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and add a comment below for us to answer; this will create a subject thread and will keep all information in one place for people looking to learn more. We're happy to help where we can! Thanks for reading folks and take care out there!

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