FEBRUARY: Monthly Mash


We have started our live calendar this year with a sell out performance and have since visited a new venue too; it is always great to reach new people in new places! We are currently getting to grips with our busy diary and starting to look forward to everything we have on the horizon; there are some really exciting times ahead! Nothing else to update here at the moment, however, there is album recording and tour news below!


We are cooking up a nice little 'A Whisky For The Road' tour over the Feis Ile week on the Isle of Islay; it is always one of the best week's of our musical year so stay tuned for details on where you can find us! We have two established mini-tours covering both the East and West coasts of Scotland and we will be visiting some new venues along the way. We are really looking forward to these adventures as well as tending to our set with the addition of some new music. We would like to remind you that the live event on the 1st of March at the Twa Tams (in Perth) that we were to be performing at has been cancelled by the venue, however, there are plans to reschedule this to a future date. Apologies for the inconvenience folks; we will let you know more about it as soon as we find out where things lie. Check out our live dates to find a front row near you!


It just keeps getting better and better; we are right in the thick of it now! Although we had break the news we are postponing our release date we have fallen back in love with the project and have been fortunate enough to have worked with some incredibly talented people so far. We are at the stage of picking and choosing the banjo and mandolin parts as well as recording harmonica; the percussion is about 90% in place. Once we have waded through the masses of tracks and takes, we will be able to add the extra instrumentation . . . it is sounding HUGE! We have also picked a beautiful venue for our album launch . . . more on that later! As a result of the difficulties Pledgemusic are going through at the moment, our rewards store is currently closed. As soon as we feel confident that Pledgemusic are up and running and have prioritised the best interests of their artists and customers we will make the project live again. We are still helping to raise funds for the Scottish Society for Mental Health and continuing to spread awareness about the spectrum of mental health. We would, once again, like to thank you for your support and patience at this trying time. The good news is we are continuing to make an absolute belter of an album and we are growing ever more excited about it!


8th: Lindores Abbey Distillery | Newburgh | Get your tickets right here!


26th: The Meeting Place | Rutherglen | Suggested minimum donation of £5 on the door. 27th: The Workhouse | Forfar | This is a free event.


Before we go, we would like to share three things from the past month of our lives that we have found to be useful; you might also be able to find value in them in some way! DAME. An interesting and effective way for those who identify as female to reduce plastic waste! SIGG. Grab one of these; they are 100% pollution proof and hardy enough for a busy individual. BAMBUKA. This little set is ideal for hard-working people who want to help the environment.

Lynzy & Vivienne The Coaltown Daisies

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